Orenburg Lace Workshop – Aurora Colony Handspinner’s Guild

The Aurora Colony Handspinner’s Guild would like to thank WeGO for a 2018 scholarship.

Our guild was able to have Galina Khmelva teach five classes over 3 days on Orenburg lace.

The funds were used to offset the cost allowing members to take half day classes for $30 and a full day class for $60.  24 students took 84 classes.  The classes were:

Spinning the Orenburg Way

Plying Orenburg-Style

The Fundamentals of Orenburg Knitted Lace

Dimensional Stitches Russian/Estonian Style

The Perfect Edge – Knitted Lace Embellishments

Some of the techniques were a stretch but everyone enjoyed the classes and the guild president said, “She even made the Russian History lessons fun and engaging.”

Thank you to WeGO for helping us to put on this great event.


Carrie Rohn

Aurora Colony Handspinner’s Guild Rep


Beginning Weaving Workshop – Threadbenders Guild

Threadbenders Guild of Union and Baker Counties in Eastern Oregon wish to thank WeGO for the $200 educational grant we were awarded.

The funds were used as part of the payment for the instructor for a Beginning Weaving Workshop held October 12-13-14 at the Baker County Library, which generously provided the use of their meeting room and video setup free of charge.

We had ten participants, the maximum for the class. A few were brand new weavers, others had woven 20 – 30 years ago, but wanted a refresher before getting started again, and a few were active weavers who were self-taught and now wished to find out how an expert approaches things.

The instructor was Vila Cox from Boise – http://warpedandwonderful.com – who had a great program prepared and was quite open to questions, so the class became interactive.  After introduction to the subject, Vila started by demonstrating the use of a warping board, then handed out pre-wound warps, so too much class time was not used on that part.  The rest of the time alternated between discussion of the next step in warping and then doing it: figuring set; how to slay various sizes of reeds; reading a draft and threading heddles accordingly; tying and winding on to the back beam; tying on to the front and spreading the warp with a header – then finding and fixing errors, almost the most important part, the comment empowerment was heard!  Sunday was used to start weaving a twill gamp that could be finished at home.

The workshop was fun with lots of learning and cooperation.  Everybody was tired, but had very positive comments when packing up to leave Sunday afternoon.

All in all a great success leading to an enriched guild.

Spinning for Color’s Sake – Judith MacKenzie – Workshop

Central Oregon Spinners & Weavers Guild & Klamath Falls Spinners & Weavers Guild – Combined Guild Workshop

September 5, 2018

To begin the workshop “Spinning for Color’s Sake”, Judith showed us many ancient dolls and bead whorls (for spindles) from her private collection. She explained how each doll was constructed and we marveled over the workmanship of both the dolls and spindle whorls.

Well inspired, we chose colored top from a large selection of colors and started to spin our first yarn- marled yarn. By holding two or more colors of yarn together, we could achieve dimensional color effects that were surprising and interesting.


For our next yarn experiment, we chose several colors to blend using combs. I chose to spin the top that I blended on the combs in a worsted style. I then took the comb waste from blending, carded it and spun a woolen yarn. Each was unique!

Next, we talked about shades, tints and tones of colors. We used hand cards to blend a chosen color with black, white and gray. Then we spun the color by itself and shade, tint and tone of the color.

Finally, we explored tweed yarns. Judith provided odds and ends of fiber, thrums and bits of old yarn. We were able to use garneting boards to blend in these bits with top to create completely individual yarns.


I have taken several classes with Judith MacKenzie and this was one of the most intimate and engaging ones in my experience. The setting was wonderful and the fact that lunch was provided and unhurried made for a great progression of the day. I would like to thank ANWG for the generous grant to the guilds so that this class was so affordable.

Spinning retreat1

Stephani Sexton