Clatsop Weavers & Spinners Silk Spinning Workshop

We were thrilled to receive announcement that we had been awarded one of the $200 WeGO workshop grants.

We immediately began to plan what we might do with this award. Since many of our members are dedicated spinners – and since many of the learning activities available are for weavers- we decided to search for a spinning instructor to come to the coast for a workshop. After careful investigation we decided to ask Christine Thomas-Flitcroft from the Aurora Colony FiberArts Guild if she was willing and she agreed.

We contracted with Christine to come for two days, November 9-10, 2013, for a silk spinning workshop. The cost for the two days was $820. She stayed with a guild member and we covered her food costs.  For the workshop we reserved a local bank’s community room.

It was a wonderfully successful workshop. We had ten participants. We learned how silk is produced, the different forms of silk available for spinning, and had ample time to practice with each type. Christine supplied us with more than a dozen different types/combinations of silk/other materials. For example, in addition to spinning the three major varieties of pure silk, we spun silk/cashmere, merino/silk/bamboo, silk/yak, silk/camel, etc.

During the second day we continued to spin and added dying of silk hankies for us to take home and spin. Christine supplied the hankies and the dyes.

It was a very satisfying workshop and each of the participants would heartily recommend Christine to other guilds.

Marty Lemke Workshop Participant Treasurer