COSW – Crackle Workshop

Susan Wilson’s Weaving Workshop Crackled With Excitement

The room hummed with the sound of weaving, and of weavers having those “Ahh Hah!” moments as they discovered something new or had a new understanding of a weaving concept.  For three intensive days in February, 17 weavers of The Central Oregon Spinners and Weavers guild participated in a workshop taught by Susan Wilson of Arvada, Colorado.


Susan took the group through multiple options for weaving Crackle, a weave structure with roots in Sweden.  In 1990, Susan completed a Handweavers Guild of America (HGA) Masters level Certificate of Excellence (COE) study in Crackle, and recently published a book on the subject.  In our workshop, she shared her COE samples, as well as numerous Crackle projects.  Each weaver had selected one of several possible Crackle threading options so we were able to see different results on each loom.  We each worked on our own looms with a warp color of our choice so it was fun to see the variety of color interactions possible.









I think everyone was surprised to see how many different things can be done on one warp, like weaving a Crackle threading with a Summer and Winter treadling shown in the photo.  We left the workshop inspired and dreaming of new projects.

Submitted by Ginger Kaldenbach Bend, OR