COSW – Double Weave Workshop

Fall Retreat 2016 Double Weave Workshop, Sept. 17-18

Patty Huffer, Instructor  ~  Central Oregon Spinners and Weavers Guild

We started the class with nervous excitement once all 16 looms were set up and we got acquainted. After learning cool facts about everyone we hit the ground running, wrapping our heads around the magic of double weave. Soon the room was a clatter of the rhythm of looms creating stripes, lace, and even playing around with stuffing.

The second day started out with feeling inspired after seeing all the different patterns one can create using the techniques of pick-up. After a detailed demonstration we all went back to our looms to test out patience as we tediously counted thread by thread. Patty soon became in high demand to help with trouble shooting. We quickly appreciated the amount of work it takes to create the beautiful patterns that we first saw in the morning. After lunch we learned the magic of double weave double width which got the room bustling again with looms weaving at full speed. The workshop wrapped up with leaving us wanting to expand our new found double weave techniques using an 8 shaft loom and adding more color into future projects.


Thanks to Lindsay Radar for recording and photographing our event.

Central Oregon Spinners and Weavers Guild was able to provide this weaving workshop to our members at a low price in part due to the $200 WeGO grant.  Thanks go to WeGO for supporting Oregon guilds’ educational programs.