Gorge Handweavers – Color by JoAnn Bachelder

There were approximately 25 guild members and guest in attendance.  JoAnn talked about the color wheel systems and yarn color combinations that work when weaving.  Her points were illustrated with a number of samples. All agreed it was an excellent talk and the guild would like to thank the Grace Carter Weaving Studio for underwriting the lecture.  Following the talk, a wine reception for JoAnn was held at Mary Marker’s house.  It was enjoyed by all.   A special thanks to Mary for hosting the social and to those who provided snacks and beverages plus those who volunteered to help Mary for all the little odds and ends that go into having an enjoyable time for all.

JoAnn’s Lecture on Friday was followed by the guild’s first sponsored workshop, held on March 12th to March 14th. The title of the workshop was, Towels: A Gamp that Transcends Tradition. We had the maximum number of attendees, 18. It was very successful. A great mix of traditional and colorful warp gamps made for an interesting three days.  All agreed that JoAnn is an excellent weaving teacher who explained the subject matter clearly with many samples.  She also showed us some of her “tricks of the trade” that make weaving go smoothly. Thanks to the committee who worked on the planning and execution of all the details necessary to make this a good three days of learning and sharing.  Pictures from the class make for a beautiful visual of the class.