PHG – Theo Moorman Workshop with Heather Winslow

Portland Handweavers Guild

Dates: Friday, October 11 – Sunday, October 13, 2019

Location: Mill End Store/Beaverton, 4955 SW Western Ave., Beaverton, OR

Workshop Fee: $325, plus a materials fee of $20 for cost of handouts

Equipment Requirement: 4-shaft loom (table or portable floor loom); set-up will be provided

For those of you who feel restricted by the structured geometric shapes and the color interactions dictated by traditional woven structure, this technique is for you. It will give you the freedom to introduce inlaid shapes and contrasting colors whenever and wherever you desire on the surface of the cloth.

Theo Moorman was an English weaver (1907-1990) who developed a threading and treadling combination which has been commonly called Theo Moorman Inlay. For more information see her wonderful book WEAVING AS AN ART FORM – A PERSONAL STATEMENT, Schiffer Publishing Ltd, 1975. Theo was fascinated with expressing an idea via tapestry but was searching for a faster and less labor intensive way to accomplish the same effect. Her threading and treadling sequence allow the weaver to inlay a design of any size or shape as an isolated motif anywhere on the surface of a ground cloth, or as a concept which moves from selvedge to selvedge to create a pictorial image.

Elevate your handwoven garments into the arena of wearable art. The Theo Moorman inlay technique allows you to create an isolated tapestry-like image of any shape or size, wherever desired on the surface of the background cloth. During this three day workshop, the versatility of this structure will become apparent as you weave samples on a pre-warped 4-H loom. You will learn to adapt the technique for clothing through fibre selection, appropriate garment styles, placement of design elements, weaving with a cartoon, and incorporating threading variations to suit special needs. This weave structure is equally useful for ecclesiastical pieces, wall hangings, accessories, and interiors and is not limited to use on clothing.

For more info, or to register:

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