About WeGO

Executive Board

  • President – Donna Wilson
  • Vice President – Kathleen O’Hern
  • Secretary – Cindy Fowler
  • Treasurer – Annali Cross
  • State Fair Coordinator- Dorald Stoltz
  • Communications Coordinator – Kelly Drake
  • Long Range Planning Coordinator & Workshop Coordinator – Marlene Lloyd

If you would like to contact any Board Member or Special Chairperson, please send email to: wegoregon@gmail.com

Special Chairs

  • Oregon State Fair Demo Booth – Carrie Rohn

WHO – is WeGO?

  • WeGO, formed as a statewide organization in 1982, currently has 700+ members. Its purpose is to share information and resources, educate, and promote fiber art throughout the state of Oregon. WeGo sponsors a traveling exhibit every three to five years.

WHAT – is WeGO?

  • Weaving Guilds of Oregon, Inc. is an organization of weaving, spinning and related fiber craft guilds in Oregon.

WHERE – are the meetings?

  • WeGO meetings are held twice a year, in the Spring and Fall.  Meetings are held in different areas of the state in order to facilitate guild participation.

WHEN – did WeGO begin?

  • Dee Ford Potter, of Bend, Oregon invited the 1981 ANWG (Association of Northwest Weavers’ Guilds) biennial Conference to Oregon.  In the process of organizing this conference Dee contacted guilds around the state for help, and formed the network that became WeGO, Inc.  Guilds recognized the value of inter-guild communication and sharing and formally organized in 1983.

WHY – was WeGO, Inc. organized?

  • The purpose of WeGO, Inc. is to encourage weaving and related fiber arts in Oregon.  To foster inter-guild cooperation and communication.  To provide educational opportunities.

The History of WeGO –  THE_GENESIS_OF_WEGO